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Art as a catharsis

Mo E. Willis is a self-taught artist born and raised in San Francisco, California. Mo is an oil painter, with an infinite love to fine tune her craft. Spending summers and winters in her mother's home of Ireland, Mo cultivated a deep relationship with the mystic and natural world.

Mo's work depicts the relationship between light and dark, spirit and soul. By exploring duality, her work embodies the emergence of the raw and the real with grace and strength. She bends tradition to give room for breath. Her work includes expressions of sensuality, transcendence, intimacy, and vulnerability. Through her iridescent, brightly colored pieces, she portrays vulnerability as something beautiful, potent and powerful. Mo invites you to walk through a dream immersed in liquid magic, her work ultimately serving as a catharsis.  

Mo has been a part of several creative outlets including but not limited to mural projects, youth outreach, non-profit work, gallery exhibitions, and live painting at events. Mo currently resides in the Los Angeles area. 

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